WordPress 5.4.2 Security and Maintenance Update is Now Available

WordPress recently launched its 5.4.2 Security and Maintenance update. The security maintenance contains 23 fixes and enhancements and they also made some security fixes.

There are certain bugs from version 5.4.1 and the earlier versions and the 5.4.2 update fixed some of them so it is a must to upgrade your WordPress.

WordPress Update

Here is a shortlist of the bugs that were fixed on the new version 5.4.2.

  1. WordPress fixed an XSS problem where the authenticated users can add JavaScript to posts even if they have low privileges.
  2. The XSS issue where the authenticated user can add JavaScript to media files was also fixed.
  3. The open redirect issue found by the WordPress Security Team was also fixed.
  4. WordPress fixed the authenticated XSS issue related to theme uploads.
  5. The problem with the set-screen-option that can lead to privilege escalation was fixed as well.
  6. The issue about the comments appearing even if it is from password-protected posts and pages was fixed by WordPress on this version.

Final Thoughts

Upgrade your WordPress! If you constantly update your plugins, any fixes made by WordPress should be updated, especially when it comes to security and maintenance. WordPress is always trying to guarantee that the platform is safe and secure so if you are still thinking twice, read a few reviews before you upgrade your WordPress.

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