PPC & Paid Media

Extend your advertising reach, increase leads, and maximize return on ad spending.

Worried you're wasting money on PPC advertising?

I think we’re wasting ad spend because our campaigns are set up incorrectly.
Our ads bring a lot of traffic to our website, but those visitors don’t convert.
We don’t have the bandwidth or the technical skills to split test our ads and landing pages.
We aren’t able to cover our Return On Ad Spend.
The quality scores for our ads and keywords are low, but we don’t know why.
We aren’t sure how to set up conversion tracking for our ads.
Our campaigns lack strategy for the future.
Set-and-forget campaigns don’t work for us, but we don’t know who we can trust to manage campaigns daily.

Develop the perfect paid media strategy

Poorly-implemented Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising not only leaves money on the table, it also wastes money on inefficient ad spending! We can help you implement a multifaceted PPC and paid media strategy that:

  • Sets up campaigns correctly to maximize returns on every penny.
  • Focuses on conversions and not just traffic.
  • Runs ongoing tests to fine-tune strategy.
  • Increases Return On Ad Spend.
  • Optimizes landing pages to yield higher quality scores on ads and keywords.
  • Tracks results in Google Analytics.
  • Establishes objectives for continued success.
  • Includes daily management and optimization .

PPC advertising: Customizable, trackable, adaptable… and risky!

PPC is a high stakes game that yields big returns if played correctly. You can either drive a large volume of high quality traffic to your website, or you can burn through a lot of money very quickly and without much to show for it. The benefit of PPC lies in the ability to advertise to a warm audience that is highly likely to be looking for what you’re offering… if you’ve targeted them correctly and are using the right keywords. If you’re not, you could be paying a lot of money to show irrelevant ads to users who aren’t interested in them.

While we would all love to run our advertising in a “set it and forget it” style, attempting this with PPC leads to poor results and countless dollars lost. Doing the proper keyword and audience research, setting up campaigns correctly, running tests on active campaigns to hone strategy, tracking results, and managing PPC efforts daily are all essential to successful PPC and paid media advertising.

Play the game of PPC - and win!

Successful PPC and paid media advertising can be a full time job. Roava Digital Marketing can take it off your plate and ensure success with our PPC and paid media services:

PPC Objectives – We help you set goals for your PPC advertising, focusing on the metrics that are the most important to your business.

PPC Strategy – We audit your existing accounts and develop a strategy based on your future goals and any past data.

Platform Consultation – Learn the best practices for advertising with Google ads, YouTube ads, and Facebook ads.

Workflow Funnel Strategy – We help you build your funnels intelligently to retain more prospects and successfully retarget those that drop out.

Conversion Tracking Setup – We set you up to track your results effectively in Google Analytics.

Ad Spend Consulting – Develop a budget that makes sense and will achieve your objectives with maximum ROAS.

PPC Campaign Setup – From targeting to ad copy creation, to landing page design and coding, we get your PPC campaign going.

Daily Campaign Optimization – Nothing falls through the cracks with our daily PPC management services.

Monthly Reporting – We provide monthly reports and make recommendations for improvement based on PPC performance.