HubSpot Consulting & Services

Use HubSpot to its fullest extent and achieve maximum results across marketing,
sales, and customer service.

Is HubSpot a little overwhelming?

We know we want to use HubSpot, but it’s overwhelming. We don’t know where to start!
We use HubSpot, but we’re not taking advantage of every feature and we know we’re missing out.
We know the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool would help us, but we don’t know how to use it.
Our contact data in HubSpot isn’t organized and segmented.
Our data and workflows are a hopelessly tangled mess!
Our lead scoring isn’t set up correctly, so our leads are unranked or incorrectly ranke.
Our HubSpot campaigns are not set up or optimized correctly
Our efforts with HubSpot feel haphazard. How do we connect it all towards a goal?

Make HubSpot work for your company

A high-quality, robust email list sometimes feels like a mythical creature. Roava Digital Marketing can design and implement a strategy to build lists that put your message into the inboxes of an engaged audience. Our email list building strategies:

  • Get set up for success in HubSpot and start using it to grow
  • Take advantage of every feature the platform offers
  • Confidently wield the CRM tool for maximum effect
  • Set up your contact data intelligently for improved audience targeting
  • Straighten out your data and workflows for analysis and clean operation
  • Set up your lead scoring to run automatically so you can make intelligent decisions about leads
  • Optimize your HubSpot campaigns for maximum conversion
  • Streamline all your marketing efforts in HubSpot to achieve your goals and measure your progress

The possibilities with HubSpot are endless… but so are the pitfalls!

At Roava Digital Marketing, HubSpot is our preferred choice for inbound marketing software. It’s a comprehensive platform that allows you to streamline your marketing, sales, and customer service for seamless collaboration and an enhanced customer experience. So not only can you manage your customer contacts and engage website visitors with chat bots, you can also build landing pages and run email sequences – all from one platform! The advanced analytical tools also allow you to track all your efforts and adapt as needed for better results.

The catch is that HubSpot won’t do any of these things by itself. It’s a tool, and like any tool it takes skill and planning to use properly. Companies who don’t use HubSpot correctly find themselves pouring hours and manpower into it, only to come up with lackluster results. Those who don’t utilize the split testing features can get caught up in the pursuit of perfection, putting off the publication of campaigns as opportunities pass them by. If you’re feeling intimidated by HubSpot and it’s seemingly endless capabilities, you’re not alone!

Cure your HubSpot headaches

The experts at Roava Digital Marketing can set you up for HubSpot success. If you’ve been working with HubSpot but you’re not sure about it, we can help you work out the kinks. Whether you’d like to be trained on how to run it or you just want someone to manage it for you, our HubSpot consulting and services can ensure that you don’t miss out on the benefits of this wonderful tool.

Contact Data Optimization – Organize and segment your contact data for optimal targeting capabilities.

HubSpot Campaign Creation – We create full-scale campaigns in HubSpot with a goal in mind.

HubSpot Landing Page Design – We design and set up high converting landing pages in HubSpot.

HubSpot Blogging – We offer blog setup and creation, as well as ideas for content.

Lead Scoring Setup – Benefit from proper setup of lead scoring for prospects.

HubSpot Campaign Optimization – We optimize your existing campaigns to increase conversion rates.

HubSpot Data Analysis – Let us help you make sense of the wealth of data HubSpot offers.

HubSpot Campaign Analysis – Know how your campaigns are performing with effective campaign split testing and reporting.