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Hour Block

Custom pricing

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How it Works

an estimate

After we’ve identified your needs, decided on objectives, and created a plan of action, we’ll give you our estimate of how many hours the project will take.

a block

Buy the block of hours that best corresponds to our estimate. Hours can be purchased in the client dashboard.

Watch us
work our magic

We’ll get started. During the project, you’ll be able to monitor our progress from the client dashboard. It will show you where we are in the project, how many hours you have left, and exactly how each hour was utilized.

Ready to get results?

Pricing FAQs

You will not have to buy more hours; your estimate is locked in once the project starts. If it turns out we underestimated, we will cap the hours at the original amount and still perform the services agreed upon.

You will not lose the extra time. Those are your hours, bought and paid for. Any leftover hours can be used for additional services, no matter how small.

If more needs arise during the course of the project or if you decide you would like additional services, you can purchase more hours to use towards those areas.