Google’s ‘Review Attributes’ Expand to Other Industries

Google’s Review Attributes have been expanded to other industries, especially the ones that are classified as Other Services and Professional/Technical Services.

Google has been slowly adding the review attribute feature to different industries. It started with categories like lawyers, financial planners, architects, accountants, car repair, dry cleaning, and salons.

These review attributes are pretty new for online businesses so how can it benefit the consumers and the businesses?

Review Attributes: Positive and Negative

Before we talk about the benefits of this new feature, let’s have a closer look at the positive and negative attributes of a business and how it works.

When you opt for a service or you bought something online, you are given a chance to make a review of the product or service. You are often asked to rate the services or products that you received through a star rating.

The new attributes would be seen below the star rating and above the personal review of the user. It might be a ‘Positive’ or a ‘Critical’ review along with different attributes that would describe the services or products offered by a merchant or service provider.

Here is an example of a Google review with positive attributes:

Google Review Attribute 2

Here is a sample of a Google review with critical attributes:

Google Review Attribute 3

Google Review Attribute Guide

A positive or critical review attribute will not randomly show when you are reviewing an online business. There are a few things that you have to do before these review attributes appear.

You should also remember that these attributes are already available in Google Maps and Google search, but it is just an option for iOS users.

The new attributes would appear depending on the star rating that you will give on the business. If you chose 1 or 2 stars, the critical attributes would be presented to you.

Google Review Attribute 4

If you selected a 3-star rating, there won’t be any attributes presented to you. It is probably because you are neither happy or frustrated with the products or services that you obtained.

Google Review Attribute 5

If you opt for a 4 or 5-star rating, the positive ratings would appear.

Google Review Attribute 6

If you are making a review for in-home service providers, you get the same four attributes (Quality, Value, Professionalism, and Responsiveness), but Timeliness would be added to it.

Google Review Attribute 7

Why Is This Important?

Not everyone has the time to leave a long review on a specific product or service. Most of the time, they just leave a star rating without any review. By adding the review attributes, they just need to click on them after leaving a star rating and be on their way.

These attributes would tell all the future clients about your experience with the online business.

Google Review Attribute 8

As for businesses, this would be a good way for Google to get consistent data about the quality of your business.

Google Review Attribute 9

Final Thoughts

It is amazing for both clients and business owners as it gives them better feedback instead of just a star rating. Usually, you only get a low star rating and you won’t even know why the client was dissatisfied with your products or services. This would be a good way to improve your business.

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