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Google Tests Services and Owners Info on Local Business Overview

Google is currently cooking something new that would be added to search results. Services and owner info might appear on the search engines when you are looking for products and services.

It seems like Google is still on the testing phase since you won’t regularly see this information, but if you got lucky, you might see the “Services” info on the overview tab. Well, this info usually appears on a separate tab when you are using your mobile phone, but this new feature might show the services of a business on the default tab.

If you are a business owner, you just need to go directly to Google My Business and update your information. Although it is not fully rolled out, Google might implement this in the future.

Aside from the “Services”, the owner information may also appear on the overviews tab. Google pulls information from third party sources to provide some information about the owner of the business.

This is a pretty amazing feature and it benefits both the owner and the customer. The owner can expect more direct messages from customers when they want to know something about the product or service and the customers won’t need to search elsewhere just to contact the owner.

Final Thoughts

This is still in the works and you may not see these results on a regular basis. It is a great addition since it will provide more convenience to the users and offer more exposure for the business.

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