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Google to Introduce New Video True Opportunities Reporting

It’s almost a year since the COVID-19 pandemic started, but most people are still adapting to the changes. Businesses are still finding ways to improve their marketing campaigns and how to get through these hard times.

Most users are now spending more time with videos. They spend 57% more time streaming videos in the past year, which is the reason why video publishers and TV programmers decided to measure their ad performance.

Now, ad performance is a very important part of marketing because it helps you determine if a certain ad is bringing revenue to your business. By measuring ad performance, you can fully understand how you can meet your goals, improve your revenue all while delivering a good experience to the users.

Google is Adapting

With the growing need for ad performance measurement, Google managed to enable Video True Opportunities Reporting that allows the partners to fully understand the potential of every commercial break. Through the help of time-based metrics built for the video, you can make a more informed decision towards the ad.

The Video Content Explorer UI will be widely available to help their partners explore, package, and measure their video inventory. There are new insight cards added as well.

These insight cards provide demographic breakdowns of your content based on the audience data. This will help you understand what type of content your audiences are watching so you can value your inventory better and make informed decisions.


Google has been focusing on video streaming because more and more people are spending more time watching videos. Advertisements on videos became more vital in marketing as well.

Since you can now measure your ad performance, it is easier to make better decisions for your business. You can improve your other ads based on the performance of your best video advertisement.

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