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Google Tests “Site” Label


We all know that Google is not too focused on its advertisers. Most of the features that they release are more targeted at the users. It means that if your website or your ads are not following the guidelines, they will take it down.

Google made another test that will surely irritate a lot of advertisers around the globe. If you’ve been focusing on mobile results, you should be aware of the label named “Site” on the Ad label as well as the URL of the search ad.


It may not appear harmful, but this subtle test actually makes a big difference, especially in the number of people that would click your advertisement.

Possible Effects of the “Site” Label

It is not fully implemented yet, but will it have any significant effect on your marketing strategies? Definitely!

The “Site” label is just like a redirection. Instead of the users clicking on the Ad itself and be redirected to a landing page, they can have the option to click on the site and go to that directly.

To be honest, the users being redirected on your website is a great thing, but the point is landing pages make money. Instead of being a potential customer, they will turn into more like a bystander just checking a few things out.

It would be additional traffic, but the goal of online marketers is to make a sale. Why choose traffic when you can bring them to your landing page?

This is not final yet and a lot of marketers are not seeing any “Site” label on their SERPs so Google is still testing if this would be effective or it would have an adverse effect on the advertisers.

Final Thoughts

Google is probably thinking about the users, but the company cannot completely ignore its advertisers. They earn money through the advertisers so it makes sense that they would prioritize them.

If this feature is really added in the future, marketers should start thinking of ways on how they can benefit from this.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it would change the marketing strategies of many companies.


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