Google Tests New Hotel Pricing Pin Colors

Google has been innovating here and there to improve user experience. The goal is to provide more convenience to the users when they search for something on the search engine.

One of the most popular searches of tourists around the globe is a hotel. Yes, they want to book a hotel in a specific location. Although the COVID-19 pandemic prevented people from traveling from one country to another, it is possible to visit other states.

When you need a hotel, how do you search for affordable options?

Searching for Hotels

When you search for hotels in a specific area, Google will display pins with a blue background color. These pins will indicate the price of the hotel on a specific area on the map. So aside from the price, you can also see where the hotel is located.

This particular feature is extremely convenient as it allows you to find affordable hotels while showing you their exact location and address. You just need to click on the pin and you can get the information that you need about the hotel.

The New Variation

Google started testing a new variation on the pins. They are now using different colors to help you see the exact prices of a hotel in the area. The normal new pins are great, but Google is testing red and white pins as well.

The red pins are particularly eye-catching and many marketers think that this is the best color for the hotel pricing. The white pins are great as well as it provides a cleaner look to the prices.

What to Expect

The new pin variations are still in the testing phase since some people reported that the pins did not change in their area. The pins also come in other colors aside from the red and white pins shown above.

When the pins were tested in 2017, hotels and restaurants around the world became ecstatic. They tried to find ways to offer more competitive prices as they would be reflected on the maps when users search for hotels nearby.

The same thing goes for tourists. They don’t have to go around and look for the actual price of the hotel accommodation. They can just check the pins and see what hotel offers the cheapest rooms in the area.

In 2020, Google also updated the information displayed on the overlay of Google Maps. It started displaying information and attributes on hotels. The users can now see the hotel ratings without opening the pin or the website of the hotel.

Final Thoughts

This is a more aggressive approach by Google as it will encourage the hotels to offer more competitive prices to the tourists. With new colors being introduced, Google is focusing on the price of the hotels. Users can easily determine which hotel is cheaper.

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