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Google 2020 Core Update: The Rollout is OVER!

For every Star Wars fan, May 4 is a once-a-year chance to use the phrase “May the Fourth” be with you. For Internet marketers and website owners, it was a different scenario.

May 4 shook the Internet marketing and SEO world as a new Google Algorithm update started rolling out on this day. No funny names or cute animals like the Panda and Penguin update, but it was as influential as the other two updates.

On May 18, exactly 14 days after the rollout of the Google Algorithm update, Google’s Danny Sullivan tweeted that the May 2020 Core Update rollout was complete.

A Turbulent Core Update

It only took a few days for many websites to see the impact of the May 2020 Google Core Update.

SERP Volatility Ratings

Back in January, Google also released a Core Update, but it was not as huge as the latest update. Back in January, the average volatility rate is only around 8 points, but on May 6, it has increased between 9 and 9.4 points.

Winners and Losers

Every core algorithm update would bring about winners and losers and sadly, most websites in different categories would be impacted by the update.

A lot of websites dropped in rankings and the ones with big domains were affected significantly. More than half of the ranking changes in the United States occurred at websites with more than 1 million monthly visitors.

The winner of this update would be the news sites and PR outlets like GlobeNewsWire and BusinessWire.

Evaluate your Analytics

Now that the rollout is complete, the next step is to analyze your analytics. By now, you have already noticed the impact on your site. Whether it is a positive or a negative one, you have to review the impact of the update on your site.

It is time to check if your content is helpful to others, authoritative, and it is formatted to help the users and search engines.

Negative Impact? What to Do?

As of now, there are no specific actions that you can do to recover as the core update is still new. Most of the Internet gurus are now analyzing the update and they would come up with results in a few weeks at most.

All you have to do is to analyze the impact and check your content. Core updates are always focused on content.

If you got impacted negatively, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with your content. You just have to improve what you currently have and make sure that you offer the best content for the searchers.

Last Thing

There is nothing much you can do about a Core Update. We suggest that you read Google’s Guidelines concerning core updates. You should step back and take a wider view of your website so you can see what other things you can improve.

Before you make any huge changes to your website, make sure that you fully understand the update. You cannot rush things as they can do more harm than good.

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